Covid-19 Coronovirus

8 April 2020 - Government advice to stay at home as much as practicable remain in place.  Even though it is permitted to go outside for food, health, work or exercise many older adults are reluctant to do so as they are justifiably concerned that they may contract coronavirus or unwittingly spread it.  For those of you who are staying at home I have created a YouTube channel where you can access some workouts that you can do safely at home, no specialist equipment required!  Here's the link to my YouTube channel.  Enjoy!!  

27 March 2020 - If you are following government advice and staying at home, then you might be spending more time sat down than you usually do.  It's important for your physical and mental health that you keep moving.  I am putting together some exercise videos that can be done at home without any specialist equipment.  The first set of videos are now available via an email link.  Please use the 'Contact Us' link in the menu to send me your email address and I will send you a link to the videos.  Keep well x Alison

17 March 2020 - Current government advice is that everyone should avoid gatherings and minimise social contact.  Therefore, there will be NO exercise classes in Formby or Southport until further notice.

I'm really sorry about this as I know how important the exercise classes are to everyone, but I feel I have little choice to ensure your health and well-being.

I will update this page in the coming days and weeks.  

And I will obviously keep you notified as and when the groups return.

Thank you for your continuing support and kind words.  Stay safe x